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When did it become cool to be a wuss?

What happened to teens being rebeillious by being badass? When I was a kid, teens rebelled by scaring the shit outta their parents...metalheads, punks, skinheads, rockabillies, rudies, psychobillies...all rough, tough troublemakers in varying degrees.

How do kids rebel now?

By either dressing "emo", which is the most gutless, candy-ass subculture I've ever encountered, or by dressing "homie", a subculture who's potential for being threatening is nullified by the fact that they dress like circus clowns or like little kids putting on their older brothers' clothes, i.e. their clothes are so huge they're swimming in them. Oh, and then there are the skaters, who are kind of a mix of both the emo and the homie aesthetic, and end up looking just as idiotic and non-threatening....self-mocking, even.

Henry Rollins was right...we are the generation that is more intense than our parents, and we're more intense than our kids, too...or at least "THE kids".

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haha I'm so "hardcore" because I have on eyeliner and I'm a guy. Take that society. Emo is such b.s.
Damn right it is. "Boo hoo, my life is so hard. I'm gonna go buy a new iPod with my daddy's gold card now to make myself feel better".

haha "boo hoo mom just dropped me off to school and I will never know what it's like to wait at a bus stop while going to school"
Ha ha ha! This is fun, let's keep this going for a while...

"boo hoo i cant be bothered wit speling or punkchuashun cuz im to emo 2 care bout n-e thing yo lets go get doubble lo-fat lattes and rite bad poetree yo"

haha "OMG LOL U are 2 funny. I can't be bothered with school work either, but for some reason Fall Out Boy and Panic at the Disco (you know, real punk rockers like them) get me through the day.
yah man thats real rocknroll punx rul 4eva good charlotte is hardXcore man and fallout boy rox 2 i'm gunna see em in febuary wit my lil sister shes 8 gotta get em started early my parents are pist but fuk dem who cares im a rebel yo...time to go watch nitemare B4 Xmas tim burtons the best directer eva wow i love him

haha johnny depp is the best actor eva. Maybe I'll get a chance to hook up with him. Isn't he like 30?
Hah. It's funny. Used to be kids rebelled by being all hard and anti-authority. Nowadays, kids rebel by being soft and emo.

While I like a lot of punk music, I can't stand emo, or the look. I find it comical that there's kids out there who think bands like Good Charlotte are hardcore.
Ha ha, yeah. Emo is NOT punk.

Punk = FUCK YOU!!!!!

Emo = oh fuck me, i suck :~( wah wah sniff sniff

the thing is that many of these kids are middle class and suburban and really don't have anything to be pissed at.
Damn right. A year of living in the real world would turn them right around.

I'm doing everything I can to make sure my son doesn't turn out like them. (He's 7 now). I want him to know that you have to work for what you want in life, and that it isn't always easy...we may not have much, but we live like kings compared to millions of people all over the world.

If those whining emo pricks paid a visit to the local long-term care hospital here, they'd thank God they are healthy and have families and home of their own to live in...

Exactly!! My son who is 8 will learn what it is like to be humble and truly thankful for what he has. Nothing like these kids now. Usually, I would think I'm sounding like an "old head"; however, the more and more I see it now, it's the kids today that are truly different from those before them.
Well yeah...but the same is said of every generation. The punks worried their parents, the hippies before them, the rock 'n' roll greasers before them, and the swing kids before them.


At least those subcultures had something cool about them, (even the least they believed in something).

The emo generation are a bunch of shallow, mopey losers.

I couldn't agree with you more. At least each of those generations did serve a purpose and stood for something!!!

Yeah, and also let's not forget that those other generations contributed something to popular / subculture...for examplre, (as much as I hate to admit it), without the hippie generation, there would have been no heavy metal.

to go even further without the blues generation, there would've been any heavy metal, if you believe that it was Led Zeppelin, not Black Sabbath, that created it as well.

I don't see anything that will come out of this "emo" generation. I try, but I just really don't.
Zeppelin laid the groundwork...but Sabbath was the first real "metal" band.

Yeah...the only thing coming out of the emo kids is bitching...and gas.

haha, true about Sabbath!!!