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When did it become cool to be a wuss?

What happened to teens being rebeillious by being badass? When I was a kid, teens rebelled by scaring the shit outta their parents...metalheads, punks, skinheads, rockabillies, rudies, psychobillies...all rough, tough troublemakers in varying degrees.

How do kids rebel now?

By either dressing "emo", which is the most gutless, candy-ass subculture I've ever encountered, or by dressing "homie", a subculture who's potential for being threatening is nullified by the fact that they dress like circus clowns or like little kids putting on their older brothers' clothes, i.e. their clothes are so huge they're swimming in them. Oh, and then there are the skaters, who are kind of a mix of both the emo and the homie aesthetic, and end up looking just as idiotic and non-threatening....self-mocking, even.

Henry Rollins was right...we are the generation that is more intense than our parents, and we're more intense than our kids, too...or at least "THE kids".

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